Warning about a Scrapbook site


Right after downloading an app from the site Scrapbook Nook, (actually - I also accidentally downloaded a piggy back download feature on the site - which took over my search engine - a Universal Converter or something of the sort), my computer slowed way down and crashed. Happily, my resident "geek squad", i.e., DH and DS, were able to restore.

Coincidence? Naw, I don't like how the 2nd download button appeared so fast, that I thought it was that I had not clearly pushed the first one. And - it was related to properties of the Scrapbook site - for mathematical tools. But - I think it only took over and became my search engine for the purpose of 3rd party sharing. Beware.

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thanks much for your warning. I am always leary of sites like this.

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Thanks for sharing. this would help all of us a lot.

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