best place to buy verizon cell phone?

15 years ago

We have had a trac phone for several years just mainly to use during travel and for emergencies. It has been okay, but I think we are ready for Verizon. Both our grown, married kids have that so we could talk free. We were on a trip recently and our trac phone didn't have enough "bars" to work most of the time........we were in some remote lake/rural areas, but I would go into a fast food restaurant and my phone wouldn't work but I would see others talking on their phone. I think I am ready to make a switch. Where is the best/cheapest place to buy two? Does it make a difference? I mean just go to Radio Shack or the kiosk at the mall or where? Would they be the same price everywhere or not? I am not knowledgable about cell phones at all. I assume the plans are going to be confusing, as well. Any help would be appreciated.


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