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Suggestions for awkward room layout

My DH and I just painted and refinished the floor in our sitting room. The house is a quirky old cape, and this room gets a lot of traffic from a highly used entry. The woodstove is not decorative, it is burning much of the winter, so we can't have things too close. There is no overhead lighting, the pin-up wall lights are just there while we paint and work on the room.

The current layout:

The door to the left of the stairs is a bathroom, to the right of the stairs goes to the basement. There is a door to the entry that will be re-hung later today when the paint is dry.

Beyond the woodstove is a weird little space that formerly held a built-in desk and shelving above, then opens to the kitchen. I'm not sure what to do with that space now.

We have a couch and a slip-covered armchair. I might have a new slipcover made, but might wait for my evil cat to move on first and that color seems to work for now. I have lots of other pieces I can move into this room (and paint if needed), but want to get some ideas first. It is a small room and before this it was too crowded.

Across from the woodstove is a huge window with a great view of the backyard and gardens. I probably won't add curtains, the yard is very private.

So, ideas for this space? How would you manage this layout?

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