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bad roofing job, do I have any recourse?

8 years ago

we bought our house here in Michigan in 2010, and the year before in 2009, the roof was completely stripped off, new sheathing and shingles put on. we started having problems early on, in 2011, a strong wind caught one corner and lifted and peeled back a large section of shingles. I had a friend who does roofing look at it, and he said it looked like the original roofers had too much pressure on their air nail guns, and blew the nail heads too deep into the shingles or right through in some.

We thought about calling the insurance company, but decided to approach the original installer, who lives in the neighborhood and owns his own small home remodeling company. he said since we weren't the original owners, and he only warranties his work for one year, he'd have to charge us 400 for the repair. he blamed it on the strong wind that day, so we went ahead and paid him and let him repair it.

Then, two years later, last year in 2013, another large section broke loose, on the same side of the gable, but the opposite corner, at the top from the ridge, and started to slide and pivot in a counter-clockwise direction, causing the shingles in the middle section to buckle and stop the rotation. We called him again, he temporarily put the section in place, and again, tried to deflect blame this time saying it might be defective batches of shingles from the manufacturer, he'd check and get back to us. A week later, he said he's not sure what happened, I said could it be your guys had improper air pressure on their nail guns? he said I don't know, but I'll strip off and replace that side with new shingles at no charge. Well it was end of October, and getting cold, so I hoped everything was ok this time, and didn't get back up there to check as winter hit hard.

Now, with spring about here, we had a strong wind again a few weeks ago, and I saw a couple shingles flapping, got up there and could see half of that side of the gable had darker color shingles, which were sealed down, and the other half were all lighter color and not sealed down! Again, we got him over there, and told him about it, he wouldn't answer when I asked repeatedly why is the one side darker and the other lighter? He finally admitted that his guys sorted through the shingles after the tear off, and put the good ones back up there, they 'mixed and matched' them with the good ones! And as his 'fix' he offered to seal the lighter colored old ones, with tubes of sealant!

I had a reputable roofing company come over for an inspection/estimate, and he pointed more problems, exposed nail heads, 'short shingling', crooked rows of shingles, etc. and said 'this guys not a roofer'. So I have to replace the whole roof now, and wondering what is my recourse against the original roofer?

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