Walk-in Pantry or Wall Pantry?

14 years ago

What is more useful--walk-in or wall pantry? Right now I have one that is a narrow cabinet that is attached to the wall but will have to be taken out when we add my sewing room. We live in an area where we do shopping once a month so we stock up on what we can.

If you have followed my post "Where Do I begin with Our Addition"? I have pictures of the area where the pantry is that we will be removing and if I do a wall pantry it will be where my Buffalo wall hanging is right now. There is probably 8 feet on that wall to cut out for the pantry but we cannot go more than 4 feet in to the garage because we need room to get around our vehicles. Right now our garage is 22' wide and 28' long with my DH's workbench on the wall that I am thinking about cutting out. We will move his workbench to the new part of the garage that will be used for lawn equipment and his work area. Right now we have one 16' garage door and I would like to replace that with (2) 10' or (2) 12' doors but I don't know which would be better. I would appreciate any help with this.


Sue in Wyoming

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