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Can pocket door frames be shortened?

I want to install a pocket door for my basement laundry room, but clearance to the floor joists is only 80". The Johnson hardware frames (sold by Home Depot) state that you need 84" of clearance for the rough opening. I could recess the header flush with the floor joists to get 80", but the door runs perpendicular to the joists and there is no way I could get 84".

Can you trim the bottom of a pocket door frame to make it shorter, or does that screw up something with the structure? It seems like they should be trimmable to fit a shorter door, but I can't find anywhere that discusses it.

Also, if there is a frame that works better than the Johnson Hardware, please let me know. The cheaper frames at Home Depot are also an option, but every review I read says they are not very well made.



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