How does your region affect your decor/taste?

12 years ago

In the thread "what do you like that others don't" we touched on one aspect of design. However, I think it brought up something else, which is regional variations in decor.

I think that some regions are clearly underrepresented in the design media, so it gives the impression that certain styles are prevalent whereas "yours" may be outmoded. However, it may be something that is popular and "appropriate" in your area. I will give a fashion example, and refrain from giving an interiors example for right now.

When I am at the airport, if I happen to see a man in a ten gallon hat and a woman with giant hair and bedazzled jeans, if I am in the Northeast, I think "tourist" and how they stick out. If I am in the Texas Oklahoma area, *I* am the one who is the "tourist" in my navy and chartreuse Pumas and ironic band t-shirt from the 80s.

So, how does where you live affect your taste? This may be a particularly interesting question for the city born who is now country, or the Iowa native who now lives in LA.

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