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How has building a house affected your marriage/relationships?

10 years ago

During the course of building our house (which should be completed in July) many people have told me that building a house is one of the most stressful things you can do with another person. Have you found this to be true? How have your relationships suffered or improved?

For me, yes, DH and I bickered more over the last 10 months than we usually do. Luckily we have pretty much the same taste and I trust him with bigger decisions (septic placement, etc).

We also have two little people under 4. I feel most guilty about my relationship with them. There have been times I have lost patience because I HAD to be on the phone and they chose these times to act like crazy people or I have had so much on my plate, sometimes I just want to plop them in front of a movie to give my brain a rest!

I know in the long run, building this house will provide them a wonderful place to grow up, but sometimes it feels like a short, but very dark tunnel, lol.

What are your thoughts? Experiences past or present?

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