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Have any experience with knotty pine?

I've posted on the Painting forum, but it looks like it's days between postings there, so I thought I'd ask here where there seems to be more activity.

We've paneled an entryway that is unheated with knotty pine and replaced all the trim around 2 windows and 2 doors, new baseboard and crown molding. It's been a year since it was completed and we haven't filled the finish nail holes or covered it with stain or paint yet. I'd like to get it done before winter, but since it is unheated and people are in and out of that entryway through the day, I'm wondering if I can paint it now, when weather predictions for next week are for 38 degrees over night and daytime temps in the 60s? Or will I create some drying problem that could create a peeling problem in the future? It's also supposed to rain between now and Tuesday, so I think I'm going to have to look for a small opportunity to get this done.

I can paint a surface, I'm planning on using latex exterior paint on the trim, but I'm not familiar with working with wood paneling or stain. Not sure what product will give the best job on filling the nail holes and if they will show through if I use a clear stain. Wonder if I should consider putting wax on the wood? Not really sure what the best choice is for covering the paneling. Or if there are any different hints/cautions for doing the wood than if I were just painting a wall.

It's such a small area, but my lack of experience and knowledge about what I'm doing, is making it seem a little overwhelming and I don't want to mess it up. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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