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painting a steel entry door; recommend removing window frame?

16 years ago

Hi... I'm not sure which forum to use for this question... I have five steel entry doors to paint. I'm thinking the job would be much easier if I unscrewed the molding (trim) and window from each door before painting. The fellow who sold me the SW paint told me not to remove the molding and glass. A man in another store also said not to do it. A fellow from our local hardware store was at my home yesterday. He said he's painted many steel doors and always removes the window... He encouraged me to remove the hardware as well as the molding and glass.

Have any of you had experience with this? Would you remove the frame and glass? Would I create any problems by doing this? Do the trim and window stay together when removed, or does the trim separate from the window? Is it hard to align everything when reattaching to door??? Would the seal be affected in any way? Would you recommend painting the molding?

Thanks for any pointers you can share.

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