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New drywall finish question. Skim coat=plaster coat=?

10 years ago

Trying to get my brain wrapped around this and hoping to find some basic explanations here.

New drywall going in soon. Don't like the look of paint over drywall, so asked the drywall guy to do a 'plaster coat'. I want a smooth finish. He keeps talking about adding sand. This freaks me out as I've don't want anything remotely like a textured finish. He also talks about 'orange peel' and 'knockdown' and skip troweling'. I don't think I want any of those... I just want something that is smooth and reminds me of plaster, although I have seen what I think would be called 'knockdown' which looks nice. Our general design sense is updated rustic, if that helps.

Granted, this will be mostly on ceilings as we're using wallpaper or tongue and groove on most walls that are being finished now, although eventually the kitchen and living room walls will be drywall.

Am I asking for something that is unreasonable or undoable?

What should he be doing and using to give me the finish I want? This is not an historic house or anything, just our little retirement place but I'd still like it to be nice and what I want, of course.

Does anyone have a link to pics of the different finishes? I haven't had much luck in that area.

Can anyone help me understand what I'm talking about? (How's that for a pathetic request?)

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