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Visiting Boston, looking for information

10 years ago

Morning all! My 30 year old daughter and I are in the initial stages of planning a short trip to Boston. Let me say, I haven't been to Boston since I went with my parents in approximately 1968, and the only things I really remember are Filene's basement and buying an absolutely must have maxi coat at Jordan Marsh (I had seen it in Seventeen and had to have it. I made quite the splash returning to St. John's, Newfoundland, in that coat). It seems I was very shallow at that time! LOL

Well, as I say, we are in the initial stages. We are planning on driving down from Nova Scotia. Initial looks at accommodations are daunting, more expensive than I would have hoped, but really not out of line.

What can you recommend for areas to stay, hotels to use, sights to see, places to shop, eat. Any and all information appreciated.

Oh, and if we should decide to stay outside Boston and take the T into the city, where would you recommend and can you give me an indication of how long the trip takes.

Thanks in advance.


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