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Veneer Stone - Which Shape & Color is Best for My House

12 years ago

I've been going back and forth trying to decide which type of veneer stone and color to cover the existing brick on my house. I've been looking at tons of pictures online, I went to several mason supply places to look at displays, I've driven around my neighborhood . . . but nothing is helping me envision the stone on MY house. There's not many houses in my neighborhood with my facade to compare it with.

One day I like Fieldstone, then I like Country Ledgestone, Southern Ledgestone, Drystack . . . I just don't know! I'm afraid of it looking too busy since it's a big space and the focal point of a small house. I'm thinking of creating a gable to outline the brick/stone. I can also change the trim and gutters.

Honestly, I never planned on replacing my brick, but this all started because I need a new roof and none of the shingle colors I've tried on a computer imaging program are matching my brick and siding (browns, reds, tans or all clashing). So I decided to change the brick as well as the roof. I'm liking the idea of getting new stone, but then I get sentimental about covering the brick I'm so used to. Any opinions on keeping the brick vs. veneer stone?

So the roof would be changed to match the new stone, but I will be keeping the siding which is a light yellow (vertical on the front, horizontal on the sides), the steps and a retaining wall along the driveway have crab orchard stone on the top and a mixture of yellowish, beige and light gray Belden bricks.

What shape stone do you think would fit best into the area? Should I blend the color with the siding or go darker for a contrast?

Here is a picture of my house (eventually I will replace the concrete walkway with pavers):

Thank you!!!

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