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DryWall / Spackle Irregularity Question...

14 years ago

I just finished removing paper in a 20 year old bath. What was underneath was not horrible but took a pit of patching. I used the Dry Dex stuff that goes on pink and turns white when dry. I then sanded and put 2 coats of kilz2 primer on. For the most part it came out fine but under the 500W spot light I was using I noticed an irregularity. It looks like a 2 foot long by 3 Â 4 inch wide area where tape was originally mudded over. You can see where it was feathered out. In fact, for whatever reason, it looks smother int his area even after priming, ie less stipple. I thought it would simply be an area to be sanded but when I run my hand over it, it feels perfectly smooth and flat. I got up this morning and with only sunlight and the bath light I did not immediately notice it until I got at just the right angle, even then it was hard to see.

I am going to look again this evening in the dark with just the bath light and see how much more (if any) noticeable it is and then check again under the 500 W spot light. My fear is once I paint with a shiny paint, it will stick out like a soar thumb. IÂd spackle it but like I said it appears very smooth and flat already. Any idea what is going on here? Why would this one area look different than the rest of the drywall?

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