Messing with my mantel/art/arrangement

7 years ago

Oy, what have I done.

I had a perfectly nice mirror over the mantel but DH is an avid photographer so we decided at least for summer, we wanted a splash of color for the mantel so we had one of his photos printed. It is big and bright. It's actually not quite as garish/cartoony as my photo makes it appear.

Now, I'm stuck with what to put on the mantel because the arrangement I had there before does not work at all with the new "art." I do have these funky brass orb things, which I hoped might kinda work, but I'm not feeling it. That's what's there now, as you can see. I like them better in their original location in another room.

So what can I put on the mantel that will hold its own against that big bright dandelion? I've been shopping my own house, but everything I've tried has been a flop.

WWYD? I may pop over to Home Goods later and see if anything inspires me.

Looking at my photo again, I wonder if the picture might look better resting on the mantel itself rather than above it?

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