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Need Backspash and Silestone Advise

11 years ago

I want to install a Silestone countertop in my kitchen. This kitchen is in constant use.

My contractor wants to put glass mosaics with grout! for the backsplash and walls. In other words, mosaic tile right down to the Silestone.

I think that would be impossible to keep clean, especially behind the stovetop and sink. I currently have sheets of stainless in those areas which I am constantly cleaning throughout the day.

Any suggestions for easy care material for a backsplash.? Can Silestone be used in a backspash. Is it too expensive? Has anyone used Aspect Metal Tiles or Wilsonart Decorative Metals or other metal tiles for a backsplash?

Also, I live in the Washington DC area. Does anyone know of a local Silestone fabricator who will carve a dishdrain , runnels or recessed area with gradual slope into the finished countertop?

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