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Levolor day/night woven wood shades

15 years ago

Does anyone have these? I just saw them this weekend at Penny's and thought they would solve all of my privacy, ability to see out and light control problems. Our great room which faces east has a great view that I want to be able to see all day long but I will need to have something covering the windows and french doors for night time privacy. The room has a centered 6' wide french door that is flanked by two 8' wide windows. Each of the windows consists of a fixed glass panel window and a casement on each side of the fixed panel. Because I like the window and door trim I wanted to mount something inside each of the window sections rather than having something cover the entire window.

The way the day/night levolor works is that the lining can be raised separately from the shade. With the lining raised in the morning I think the woven wood portion of the shade would give me the light filtering I need for the morning sun. Then during the day I could raise the wood shade also. At night I would have both down for privacy.

The first problem is that these shades are very pricey and I've just spent all my money building the house. The second problem is that I don't know if this system will work as well in my house as I'm hoping. In general I've heard that woven wood shades can bow or generally fall out of shape over time. I don't know if this is just the cheap ones or if this also includes the pricier brands.

I'd love to hear your opinions on woven woods in general and if you know of a cheap source for the levolor brand that would be great. TIA.

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