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One room down, another room to go - Calling All Color Consultants

10 years ago

Thank you in advance GW gang.

With your help and guidance, I've got one room completed and am fastracking final muddding,feathering, finessing, of all mud joints this weekend, hopefully to paint soon afterwards.

This is for the main room in the basement.

One big ole room with 4 windows that don't get alot of natural daylight. Just shards of sun that creep through.

Primary furnishings will be a bank of walnut builtins, staring from underneath the stairs and running flush against that wall. It's a mixture of pull outs, open cubed shelving ontop, and a built in desk that seats 3. Consider that desk the homework desk ;-)

Roughly in one quadrant of the room, is a media console . Aside from that, just some aofas and lounge chairs yet to be ordered...

Fast forward now. The 1st pic of the tile that is fairly true to color. The 2nd pic is just the overall running pattern of the flooring.

Any suggestions on a color for the walls ?

I know color is subjective but any suggestions, feedback are always helpful.



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