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Countertop options for undermount sink

15 years ago

I've never posted on here before, but have enjoyed the WEALTH of information I have gleaned from these boards over the last several weeks -- and am very pleased with the discovery!

We are in the planning stages of redoing our (tiny) galley kitchen in a condo that we will stay in for maybe 5 years max. I just can't justify the cost of granite if it is not going to be our forever, dream-kitchen, home. The cabinets in the kitchen we have now are falling apart, which is why we are doing the remodel.

My husband is dead-set on granite countertops (for approx. 30 sq ft. of countertop), but primarily because he wants an undermount sink. He really does not want laminate, as he thinks it will hurt us in the long run when we go to sell our condo.

What other countertop options that would come in at a lower price than granite that would be compatible with an undermount sink? I know it is somewhat possible to do laminate with an undermount (as I have learned on these boards!) but I am not sure we want to go to all that trouble. Any other suggestions?

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