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exercise bike placement

13 years ago

I took the splurge yesterday and ordered a recumbent exercise bike. I may eventually end up being able to place it in my large closet, but have too much stuff stored in there right now. I would prefer it to be out of sight, but then again maybe having it visible would encourage me to use it since I hate to exercise. In the meantime I have room for it in my master bedroom. I know this would probably be a no-brainer for some of you and I know my first thought, but asking for opinions please and any experience you have with exercise equipment in your bedroom.

I would like to also know if you watch TV or listen to music or read or...while you exercise. I am surely thinking music would be the best motivator for me.

I have 2 places in my bedroom where the bike could go:

(1) On the side of my bed where I currently have 2 sitting chairs (I can move the chairs to the other option area). This option means you see the bike right away when you open the doors to my master suite. Nothing to look at when I ride.

(2) In front of my sliding glass doors which I don't use. I can position the bike facing a desk where I can place a TV. I can also look out the door as there is a nice view but would have to turn my head sideways to do that. When you open the doors to my suite the bike would not be the first thing you see. I like this option the most.


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