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'House Lust' You HAVE to read this book!

15 years ago

Ok, so I have what I thought was a pretty innocuous hobby; I watched House Hunters on HGTV, I have a couple of home improvement magazines that I subscribe to, I have a list on a local realtor's website that I watch the home prices in our neighbhorhood, and I've been saving like mad to redo our 40 year old vintage master bathroom. I *think* I'm normal.

Then, I find this book at the library; it's called "House Lust" by Daniel McGinn.

I discover that I have a problem.

The front of the book says "An unyielding urge to make our huses bigger, bolder, and more luxurious, no matter what the cost." Guilty.

"An irrational desire for cathedral ceilings, mud rooms, and natural stone countertops." Guilty!

"The national pastime thta is taking its toll on American wallets, relationships, and minds." Guilty!!!!

So I actually open it and start reading it. The author admits that he has links to the tax commissioner's website so he can pull his neighbors home values up on the computer. Oh, gawd, I do this too!

The biggest problem, I have discovered, is that by looking at all these houses and home improvement articles and watching what's up for sale, is that it makes me very dissatisfied with my own house. And there's NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!

Yeah, it's old, and we're fixing stuff, but what was I thinking, putting in a ten jet steam shower in the new MBR? After reading just the first chapter I ran upstairs and erased the steam shower off the plan I'm designing. I am now thinking, what is basic and useful, not "what did I just see on HGTV?" I can't even begin to think how much money and time I've been wasting on worrying about stuff like this!

About the only thing I don't do that a lot of people in the book do is obsessively go to every open house they can find. Even when they don't have a house to sell or buy!

So, if half your Tivo is filled up with HGTV buying/selling shows, your Favorites folder is mostly real estate websites/forums, and you think your house sucks, you may want to check this book out of the library!

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