Anyone remove their pantry & put cabinets instead?Also 24' pantry

10 years ago

We are debating between removing our pantry closet completely and installing cabinets and drawers in their place.


simply shrinking the current 36" pantry that isn't being used effectively to a 24" to allow for storage of things like a broom, dog food tub and kid art supplies in a real pantry and placing 12" deep by 36" wide cabinet on the side of the frig to store all of my baking, cereals, snacks etc for easy access from my island where I do all my prep.

On my wall with my frig and pantry I have around just shy of 7ft to utilize better.

If you have removed your pantry and installed cabinets in their place, can you show me your current pantry cabinets? open and closed.

Does anyone have a 24" pantry closet? Would you be willing to share pics?

We currently have 2 closets on the main floor. A small coat closet and the pantry closet. Trying to figure out if we can do without a true pantry closet and still utilize space effectively. We have a small kitchen.

Thank you so much!!

- Jen

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