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Small closet pantry VS cupboard style pantry?

10 years ago

Well, it looks like I'm only going to have space for another small closet pantry just like I currently have, and hate. My current pantry is a 24 X 24 inch black hole. My new kitchen will have room for a 24 X 30 inch closet pantry, OR I could put in a cupboard-style base and upper cabinets in its place. I almost like that idea better because the upper cabinets would be shallower and things wouldn't disappear in the back of the deep shelf.

Any advice from those that have had both? How do you store the larger items like bulk cooking oil, blender, bulk storage jars of flour, and pasta? Would drawers be better on the base cabinet?

OR, any suggestions on how to make a small closet pantry "better"?

Kitchens are hard. : )

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