What type of shelving should I put in reach-in pantry?

9 years ago

I am working on a new kitchen design that will let me have a wider, shallower reach-in pantry area than originally planned. I originally had a space that was 42" wide by 24" deep, so I was going to do a larder cabinet with 16-18" deep shelves and narrow basket shelves on the cabinet doors. The new space is about 6' wide by 18" deep, so I am thinking of using just shelves that are 16-18" deep and using bi-fold doors to access the area. (Our previous house had a walk-in pantry / laundry room with two 4' wide x 18" deep shelf units, and the 18" depth worked well for us.)

I am trying to decide if the pantry area should just have drywall walls with simple painted or stained wood shelves installed by GC (probably cheaper), or if I should still have our cabinet makers make it like a cabinet with wood on all sides and probably a divider down the middle so we can have 3' long adjustable shelves on each side. WWYD?

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