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where to buy marble or ceramic subway tiles?

14 years ago

Having conquered my fears of faucets, and climbed the daunting slope of what color white for the cabinets (yes BM White Dove- it just looks the best!), am now on to the backsplash hunt- that which my DH has been wanting to do since we first begain (I, and our dear contractor - DC??-- kept saying, do that last, do that last...)

so have started looking locally and of course discovered taht the stuff we love is mega bucks - so what are the secrets- where to get this stuff- can you trust the online places?

We have a white kitchen, lovely soapstone with veins etc and want to keep it simple. But the white ceramic subway seems a bit stark - is there something inbetween ceramic and marble on terms of costs. Have been hunting through the forum to see what others are doing- but looking for recommended sources .



(oh, am in Phila suburbs)

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