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Only the uppers will be white. The rest Fieldstone. Which white

11 years ago

Whew! That was hard to fit all into the subject line! ;)

Pic of the almost done paint included below. It shows the window above sink left in a white primer while I decided what to do there...

My goal is to find a white that isn't too stark of a white (won't make the white calacatta marble backsplash just beneath it appear less than white in comparison), yet at the same time won't appear cream next to white appliances. Yes, I still have a white stove/hood. ;) And also same goes with the white sink. Can you recommend a white that appears white without seeming obnoxiously white? Or should I just give up and aim for a real white-white, since the walls/ceiling will be cream and since it should probably match the white appliances? Not sure which kind of white to use, clearly.

I've also considered painting the ceiling white instead of keeping it cream (which has to be re-painted anyway as they're installing in-ceiling B&W speakers in a few days - woohoo!). Would that work, having white upper cabs that run directly upward into a matching white ceiling, with a gray window in the middle (FYI the window trim does have a strip of horizontal wall color above it, before it becomes ceiling). Or should it be a different white than the cabinets (or I could just keep it cream)?

If the above lacks context, and you don't mind reading a bunch from a person who likes to hear herself talk, read on. If it doesn't (or even if it does), you might prefer to pull out your eyelashes one by one by one by...

As some of you may recall I'd painted the entire kitchen woodwork/cabinetry BM's Fieldstone Gray (1913 house) and painted the walls/ceiling a cream color. Imitating Sally Wheat. I'd left the window above the sink in a white primer color while I figured out which route to go in case I wanted to do something different from Sally there. So yesterday they painted it the Fieldstone. It looks great and really helps make the white subway tile beneath it shine (as well as the farm sink) in a kitchen that now lacks white quite a bit. I.e. so now the white that's left looks really pretty. I then decided I'll go back to a bit more cheer as well as contrast and take the advice of one of you brilliant people (sorry that I can't remember who!) and re-paint just the uppers white. The rest will stay the same gray-green color, including the lowers and the whole wall of floor to ceiling built-in pantries/cabinetry. I think the window in the center, above the white sink and marble tile backsplash, being gray, will center things and give some balance to the perpendicular wall of all those floor-to-ceiling cabs while the pop of the uppers to either side of that window being white will add both cheer and charm in this pretty small, dark kitchen (11 x 12...or is it 11.5 x 12...well it's one of those!). Also the hanging pendant light (black cloth cord with white glass shade) brings some white just in front of the gray window which helps balance even further. :) But we shall see if my instincts are correct!

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