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I got my swap box from Taigon:)

15 years ago

Well I wanted to wait until Bev got her box and she did today. I received a wonderful letter and lots of goodies. I will take a pic later:)

Package of plant markers

Chocolate wafer sticks

cadbery flake bars( already ate one, they are very yummy)

magnetic flower note pad

butterfly tea lite candles


magnet of a Canadian Moose Mountie

A hand painted mug that she painted special for me

2 of the packages didn't make the trip south well. She also made me a stained glass dragonfly and an outdoor terra cotta clock. Unfortunately they both were broken in transit.

I also got a new pair of gardening gloves, which are already dirty from when I used them yesterday and today. Thank you Bev for all the gifts and the thought behind them.

Funny thing is that I sent Bev all garden themed gifts too. So we had a lot in common.


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