Refrigerator nightmare

Laura Weller
9 years ago

This is getting ridiculous.

I have a stainless steel look fridge with side by side doors on a "zero" hinge. That means that it won't open fully unless the wall is behind the hinge.

Cut to my remodel. The fridge sticks out 6-7" from the wall and this drives my contractor nuts. He wants to put in a 6" spacer so he can shove it back against the wall and then the cabinets will come out around it for a built in look.

That means my cabinet on the end will lose that 6 inches...and will go down to a 15" cabinet.

"15"?" says my contractor, "you should consider a floor to ceiling slide-out extra pantry."

But that's where my phone and "drop" area are--cell phones, keys, purse, etc.

Anyone have a nice looking 15 inch cabinet they can show me?

I wait and despair....

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