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Paver Deck Install - Before or after pool is completed?

14 years ago

We are currently having a gunite pool built. We only have about a week of work left to complete the pool. We are planning on getting a Hydrazzo finish. We have contracted with the PB to have paver decking installed and we also need some retaining walls. We will need a decent amount of grading done since the PB spread out the fill from the dig over the area where the decking will go. The paver contractor wants to remove the fill to get back to the original grade and then add gravel to build it back up. Makes sense to us.

Our PB is having some scheduling issues with his paver contractor. We were thinking about asking the PB to finish the pool and then do the final grading and paver work after the pool is completed and filled. We want to make sure we don't create any issues requesting this approach and we are newbies to all of this. What are the pros/cons to doing the final grading and pavers after the pool is complete compared to before?

Thanks for your help!

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