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My new favorite bottled salad dressing

12 years ago

My true favorite salad dressings will always be homemade. But I keep a few bottles of dressing in the fridge for those times when I want something different, or something quick when I don't have anything made.

Before raw eggs became associated with salmonella, I used to make a wonderful Caesar's salad, mixing the dressing right in the bowl. As I recall, the dressing included garlic-rubbed salt, the raw egg, olive oil, Parmesan, anchovies, and I forget what else. Because of the salmonella hazard, I stopped making this recipe (it was from the New York Times), but I never cared much for bottled Caesar dressings.

Enter Cardini's Original Caesar Dressing. Honestly, it doesn't taste exactly like my old homemade Caesar dressing, and it certainly doesn't look like it either. But it comes closer than anything else I've tried. And I like it a lot. I first bought it from my health food store, but now I see it in supermarkets.

Has anyone else tried it?

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