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I have a dilemma - need advice on what to do.

11 years ago

posted Apr 21, 2013 10:27 AM
We moved into a house, I painted the guest room Benjamin Moore 234 before we moved in - figured it a neutral color. Came out a bit darker than I wanted, but overall it works. Purchased a headboard (Restoration Hardware Latham in Army Duck Sand color) off Craigslist. It looked much lighter online and outside. When I got it home it looks to be almost the color of the walls, but not quite. It doesn't look good at all. I got an awesome deal on the headboard, found bedding I like with the headboard and wall color. So, here is where I need advice. Should I repaint the room so the headboard doesn't look so yucky against the headboard or should I just paint one wall (the one the headboard is on) as an accent wall. If I paint one wall - what color? Would you go a lighter tone? If I go dark it would really make the room darker, which I don't want, and it's not a huge room, so that wall is the first you see and would come in on you quick. I've posted my stuff below for reference. Oh, I know, I know - painting should be the last thing you do when decorating a room! I went against what I know.


First pic is paint color - Benjamin Moore 234

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