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Here's what I have, what can I do... layout advice??

12 years ago

Hi, Ive been thinking about renovating my kitchen for years, but Im actually ready to start, (after a few failed starts before). I thought I'd solicit the advice from this forum to get some ideas. Here is the layout of our current kitchen. I read the (Read if you are new) and I have tried to answer those questions so I could figure out what I want and give you all some insight!

We are a family of 5 (3 kids). Usually only one cook at a time. We are in the kitchen a lot, for eating, cooking. hanging out, etc. We do eat dinner as a family almost every day, and its one of the things I like best about our family time. So we need to seat 5 on a regular basis., Kids are in school, and so far do their homework at the table while I cook. We have lots of people over, families with kids as well, most occasions are informal.

We do have a separate dining room, which we use mostly for entertaining. It most often has our paperwork on it. We use the room only for holidays and company, but the furniture is formal, and I do love the way it looks. (When the papers aren't on it). I need to find another place to keep paperwork (maybe in the kitchen somewhere, maybe somewhere else, I haven't figured out a good system for all the paper,) I don't think I want to knock the wall down from the kitchen to the dining room, and I don't think I want to eat in the dining room on a regular basis. I want to continue to eat in the kitchen. I'm happy having a table instead of an island since we need a larger amount of seating, and I don't really have the space for both. We have a split level house, so our living room/ dining room is already completely open to each other.

I attached a sketch of the current layout, and am open to ideas or suggestions. Should I try to move stuff around or keep the current layout. And just replace cabinets. No matter what, I need a bigger oven. The "Easy bake oven" as I call it, fits 2 casseroles at a time, max! Im not opposed to getting the oven out of the wall, and using a range instead. Ive been thinking about adding some cabinets on the empty walls, but I not sure which one would work better. The pantry is an angled closet, which has deep space but is not laid out well. Im not opposed to moving it. And I can't move the exterior door. I need it!

Would love any input or advice! Thanks (PS, I can post pics of the actual kitchen if that would help, and I can confirm dimensions if you cant read them, some may look a little unclear!)

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