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STOP your reno! most important layout tip ever!

14 years ago

This is the most important piece of layout advice you will ever read on this forum. This takes top priority over everything else!

If your plans donÂt already include this feature, STOP what you are doing and take care of this first. If you are in the middle of a reno, call your GC or your architect. Already finished your reno? Get out the sledgehammer and demo the new kit*chen right now. ItÂs that important.

No matter what else you have in your kit*chen, you MUSTÂat all costsÂhave this one feature: a place to store those little round ceramic pie weights somewhere other than an upper shelf where, for INSTANCE, they could fall out right in the middle of while you are pouring your Guinness Stout Chocolate Cake batter into your cake pans, for EXAMPLE, tumbling down into the middle of your kitch*en floor, popping open the package, bouncing bouncing bouncing behind the refridge/under the sink/under the range/behind the vacuum, and then start rolling rolling rolling all over the floor like a pinball game on the Titan*ic, which, theoretically, could cause problems when your attempt to walk to the oven while carrying your cake batter turns into a Lucy skit.

So, IÂm just saying, make sure you have somewhere else to put them.

ThatÂs all. Carry on.

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