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I'm curious. What did/do you dislike most about your old kitchen?

12 years ago

And if you've finished your remodel, what do you love most about your new kitchen?

For me, hands down, it is my sink. I don't dislike it. I hate it. Passionately, totally hate it. Before being subjected to this horror of a sink, I'd always considered sinks a fairly benign subject. Nothing to get too excited over. How that has changed! lol My kitchen is being demoed on Feb 13th (can't wait!!!) and I plan to take a sledge hammer to my sink before its carcass is carried off to the junk yard.

My current sink is a 43", cast iron, triple bowl, drop in sink made by Kohler. I have a shallow bowl in the center with a garbage disposal. The main problem with this thing is that the single bowl walls sit at the exact same height as the outer rim of the sink. Because the sink is so big, the faucet can't reach very well into either of the outer bowls so I'm forced to rest anything I'm washing on the edge of the shallow bowl and water is just as happy to run off the front and back of the sink since the idiot who designed it didn't recess the middle bowl!! I basically take a bath every time I use the darn thing in spite of keeping a towel across the front of the sink to help soak up the water it throws my way. And I'm constantly having to stop and wipe up the massive amounts of water to throws out the back behind the sink. I've lived with it for almost 5 1/2 years dreaming of its demise. The end is so close . . . . . .

Because of my passionate hatred for my sink, I've spent an obsessively large amount of time thinking about my new sink. Thanks to advise on this forum, I ended up buying a 36" single bowl copper farmhouse sink with a right rear drain. It should be delivered early next week. I'm so excited for it to arrive that I may throw a party for it. lol

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