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Collapsable Dining/Coffee Table-pics and need advice

13 years ago


We are furnishing and decorating a very small space that will serve mostly as our living area. The kitchen is open to this space and there is a breakfast bar where we figure we will eat most of our meals (there's only 2 of us).

Anyway, we want a coffee table the can be raised and flipped open to double its size so it can be used as a dining table when we have guests.

There is only a small difference in price of the two tables, but we just can't decide.

We have narrowed the choices to the following tables:

The calligaris is smaller (can seat at most 6 people when opened) but I think it is better looking and it can be raised to many different heights. Plus we have seen it in person and it is study and seems to be of a good quality.


Whereas this one (we don't know who makes it and we have never seen it in person so we don't even know if the quality is good) is bigger, can seat up to 8 people, but is white and can't be rasied to different heights.

Here's a picture, but there is also a neat little video on the following website which illustrates how the mechanism works.


And here's a view of the (almost finished) kitchen and a view from the stovetop looking into the living area.



We think we will have a large wall unit on the wall farther and perpendicular to the window in the living area with the TV and storage and it will be dark brown wood, our new couch is dark gray, and we will have chrome and white plastic bar stools...

So...which table is better? Why?

Thanks for all your ideas!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Table Mechanism Video

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