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Rebuilt w/c less than 5yrs ago. Should it need service already?

17 years ago

January of '02 plumber "rebuilt w/c: Fluidmaster ballcock; creed flush valve w/10" arm; Amer.Std. tank bowl kit; 3/8" x 9" w/c supply. Mechanic time: 1 hour. Total cost $100."

Now, less than 5 yrs later, tank "runs" for 10 seconds every few hours. After it stops running, water continues to come out of 3 of the holes under the rim for an extra 15 seconds, resulting in 3 stripes of ghastly rust stains that I remove every few days.

What do I do?

a) call plumber back & have him repair it (throwing good $ after bad?)

b) replace w/c (which is ~30 yr old Am. Std.) w/a nice Toto

Appreciate your advice. Thank you.

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