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How would you handle these windows?

14 years ago

As you can see in the pics I currently have panels with roman shades. I'm interested in purchasing new panels but am keeping the roman shades. Now here's the question, how would you hang the panels? As they are now on individual rods or should I hang a bay window system above the casings? There are a few concerns with the bay system though, I'm not sure if I'd have enough room on the window on the far left to extend the rod system past the casing much as there's a column there. And there's also a bend in the wall past the window on the right. So what would you suggest? The casings are also pretty thick, around 2 inches or so, so I'm not sure if I hang the system that it will extend far enough out so that the panels lay flat. One last question, should the length of the panels hang down further than my originals? Thanks so much for any advice as I've been putting this off for way too long :)

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