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Sore leg on my puppy

14 years ago

My 9 month old Smooth Collie has had a sore on the front of his left leg, in his elbow joint, for about a month. He doesnt lick it very often and mormally stops when I tell him to.

The first time I took him to the vets they gave him an antibiotic injection and some Fuciderm cream. I kept the victorian collar on him for the length of time the vet suggested and used the cream but it didnt seem to do much good so I took the collar off.

After about 3 weeks I noticed that the other leg in the same place was starting to get sore so went back to the vets. The vet said that I must keep the collar on him at all times (for 10 days) as dogs saliva have alot of bacteria and he could be transfering it to the other leg. He now has another 10 day course of antibiotics.

I dont know if the licking has caused this and what happens when I take the collar off, when and if it heals. I dont like the thought of him having anymore antibiotics they cant be good for him.

The vet seems to think he could be bored, but he is walked for 2 hours in the morning and an hour at night. I play games with him and have training sessions with him every day (15mins a session).

Am I doing something wrong???????

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