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Help! My puppy loves eating mushrooms!

16 years ago

I need some help! Yesterday my puppy ate a mushroom before i could get it away from him. We moved from

S. Calif to live in Monument Colorado...we recently had mushrooms come up in our backyard, many varieties. Little white bud ones, slimy yellow ones(which I think he got an old dying one of these), Bright orange large ones, little sac looking ones, and a kind of beige/brown flattened ones. TOO TOO many! We are constantly picking them out and throwing them over fence. But can't stop them! Our other dog doesn't go near them, but the puppy ferrets them out!

He ate one before i could grab it from him within 3 hours he was going to the vet enmergency center. He was out of control, losing coordination in his legs and twitching. I need a solution to my mushrooms. I am hoping this trip will make him know to leave them alone, but then again he is a puppy. My only solution I come up with is Kill off the mushrooms, or leash him and go out everytime with him.

and Scold him harshly each time....He is so sweet it is hard to do, but for his own good that may have to happen. I don't want to see him go through this again, and Doctor said some mushrooms can cause liver and kidney failure.

I love my puppy and don't want to lose him.

Thanks Cathy

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