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very serious cat vomiting problem

16 years ago

I know there is a thread about cats vomiting below, but this is a different problem, NOT related to him eating too fast (he's not eating at all).

Our boy DSH cat is just over 4 years old and about 2 weeks ago began vomiting -- no food, just clear frothy liquid. He stopped eating and drinking water so we took him to the vet. He was on an IV and stayed with them for several days and they pumped him full of Reglan, Famotidine, and Flagyl (which we are still giving him in pill form).

They did a barium swallow on him to see if there were any foreign objects and about a million blood tests. All negative. After a couple of days, they told us he was eating and that we should take him home.

After getting him home, within 24 hours, he was vomiting again. He is able to eat a little bit of food every now and then, but his personality is completely different - depressed. He's also not going to the bathroom. We took him back to the vet and they did an ultrasound on him - negative again. The vet says he's never seen anything like this and says the next step is basically to use a scope and see if there's anything in there. We've already spent several grand on the above procedures and are just really disappointed that the vet keeps turning up nothing except suggestions for more expensive diagnostic procedures.

I'm worried about all these mediations we're giving our cat, especially since he's not going to the bathroom. The vet isn't really helping much, he just keeps saying he doesn't know what is going on and has to do more diagnostic procedures. Has anyone come across this before? Anyone recommend using petrolatum to help his system start moving again? We're at a loss and are really bummed out :(

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