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What is under your feet?

10 years ago

Do you use any rugs or mats in the kitchen?

I have been trying to solve this problem for years, not kidding.

I have a galley-like kitchen with the sink being on one side and the cooktop and the wall oven on the other. They are separated by, what feels like, a 100 miles. Well, not really, but still, it is quite a bit. The floor is stained concrete. I want to put some rug or any other floor covering between the sink and the cooktop in order to make it less hard on feet and to protect the floor from spills. I don't mind wiping the floor after I finish cooking but it is not feasible to wipe every spill right away while I am cooking.

I have tried those anti-fatique mats and hated them. Plus, these floors do not tolerate anything that does not "breathe". DH had a standard plastic mat under his chair in his office and it got very moldy under the mat. Same thing with a Chilewich mat in the laundry room. So, nothing vinyl or plastic-y can be used there which severely limits my options.

I need something durable, "breathable" and easy to clean.



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