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The Oriental Rug as a Neutral

12 years ago

I know that a "good" Oriental rug is considered in some decorator circles to be a neutral. However, how do us mere mortals pull it off?

I can't seem to wrap my head around a (well, admittedly not "good") Oriental rug and a patterned duvet in my master bedroom. My vision is to capitalize on my neutral foundation - sandalwood silk drapes, hardwood floor, white walls, pale blue ceiling, grey-brown IKEA furniture, and large seagrass rug. I'd like to have a "basic" color scheme - say relying on duvets that all have the sandalwood tone in them but with other colors - that I can change out frequently, but I'd also like to layer a warmer wool rug over the seagrass.

That's where I stumble. I picked out a few duvets from PB that I like and that incorporate my sandalwood color, but am I expecting too much to add a patterned rug in there? On the weeks where we had say, a solid white duvet with a sandalwood embroidery, it seems like the room would be rather blah. But on a "flowered duvet" week it might be WHOA! on the pattern.

Should I just embrace a few calming, patternless weeks and just accept the neutral foundation of my master suite completely? Or am I overthinking the rug issue. I see that PB itself does not seem to adhere to the "an Oriental rug is a neutral" philosophy. They tend to use pattern in small doses through linens or pillows - or patterned rugs in rooms with very simple (striped) bed linens. It's only in true decorator rooms that you see a lovely Oriental in a room with not matchy matchy patterned upholstery (without apology).

I'd like options and I'd like to have something that can live harmoniously and really have that evolved over time *and* stand up to constantly being freshened up. Are these desires at odds? Or can you just not pull this look off with a new (not good) Oriental/Persian style rug? ;-)

My other idea was to "cover" the neutral binding that came with the seagrass with a decorator patterned fabric. A pattern in a smaller dose than a large, layered rug. Crazy? Undo-able? I don't really know how the rug is bound under the canvas or why seagrass always has that somewhat unattractive canvas banding.

Thanks muchly.

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