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Lookng for two recipes and a suggestion.

12 years ago

I know that everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas so please don't feel there's a rush.

I'm a looooong time lurker (Sol's zillion garlic clove chicken is still a favorite around our house) who is not a baker and to be honest, I really don't like to cook. Silly husband seems to think that he needs to eat daily and after over 30+ years of marriage, I still haven't been able to convince him otherwise. :) I'm not a big eater myself and don't particularily like fruits or vegies and don't like most herbs myself and can't just throw a meal together from scratch.

Therefore, I depend on T&T recipes that I've found over the years and had them all in a couple binders. Unfortunately my not so dear SIL stole both my recipe binders last Summer. I do have alot of these recipes still on my computer but others I didn't. Therefore.....

I'm looking for the perfect soft and chewy oatmeal cookie. I know that sounds simple but after trying 3-4 different recipes, I can't find one that works. The recipe I had was my FIL's and I can't replace it as he passed away several years ago. It's also my VDH's all-time favorite cookie.

The other recipe I'm looking for is a type of chocolate cake. My husband said his mom called it "Crazy Cake", altho I'm sure that isn't it's real name. He said it had the consistancy of a sponge, very holey, very moist and the best chocolate cake he can ever remember having. He said his mom put something 'strange' in it and for the life of me, I can't imagine what he means by 'strange'. I'm guessing it was something to make it so light and 'holey'. Does this sound familiar to anyone? If it helps, he's 61 and it was from his childhood so it must be an old recipe.

DH also loves plain old sugar cookies. He doesn't have many quirks but he loves to smear chocolate frosting on each cookie as he eats them. I was thinking about making up sugar cookies and dipping one side of them into chocolate. I've never done this before and when looking in the grocery store I wasn't sure what to get for the dipping part. I saw packages for bark (have no idea what that is), fondue and for dipping fruit. I guess what I'm looking for is something like you dip biscotti in? Any suggestions from all you wonderful bakers and cooks?

Thank you all for your help but mostly, thank you all for all the wonderful recipes that you post. My recipe books would have been alot lighter without them.


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