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Adding jam or fruit filling between cake layers

I am making a white cake with confetti for my daughter�s birthday, who will be 20. She loves white cake and white frosting. I will put colored sprinkles on top of the frosting too.

As a person who thinks no cake is really a cake unless it�s chocolate (unless it�s a really dense rich carrot cake with cream cheese frosting: I even had carrot cake for my wedding), actually choosing white cake is a foreign concept.

I thought of putting a layer of jam or Solo fruit filling, either raspberry (she does love raspberry), cherry, or apricot, on top of one of the layers, before adding the frosting and putting the second layer on top. It would make it more interesting for the rest of us as well as being a surprise.

But won�t it soak into the cake and get messy or soggy? Is there some secret to doing this? Thanks!

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