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How to split a spigot w/ ability to turn water on/off from 2 plac

17 years ago


I am trying to figure out if this is something we can do ourselves or whether we need a professional.

We live in a two story house -- on the second floor. We have a balcony on which we container garden during the summer. The outside spigot for the hose connection is, as one would expect, accessible from the ground only. I would like to tap that spigot so that we can have water upstairs. I realize I could simply get a splitter and run a hose up to our balcony but that would mean we would have to go downstairs and outside to turn the water off and on. I would prefer to be able to turn the water on and off from our balcony. Is there a way to split the line so that each of the apartments can turn the water on and off from their location. I don't know if this makes sense ... I envision it this way (might help clarify what I am talking about). Some sort of pipe that actually leads from the original spigot but goes straight up the side of the building to our floor where there would be an on/off valve and a hose connector at the end.

Is that possible? If yes, is it something we could do ourselves with the proper tools?



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