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Why is my humidifier housing leaking , I just now installed it?

13 years ago

I have just installed a busy wact powered humidifier (not a bypass). When I turned it on for the first time I noticed water was dripping out of the unit. After I shut it down and took a good look at it I noticed the water distribution tray was not on correctly so I fixed that. I also made sure it was plumb and level. For some reason the darn thing keeps leaking. I have decided to quit for the night but was hoping one of you find minds out there could give me some advice so in the morning it wont take to long. This is a brand new unit first time running.Does the mesh filter have to slope a little or should the whole unit slope a hair towards the drain maybe. It really is a lot of water and seems like it is coming out of the distribution tray and 10% of the water is somehow coming out the sides and through the solenoid wiring hole, etc.Any clues would be great thanks a bunch!


Aprilaire Humidifier

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