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Please help me find fixtures for powder room to go with mirror.

15 years ago

I will have a VERY small powder room and I need to use this antique chinese style mirror over the vanity. The mirror was my grandmother's and I don't have anywhere else in my casual craftsman bungalow to use it. On the other hand I do like it and don't want to get rid of it. So I think that the powder room will be the best place for it since I really won't have any formal areas in the new house. The dilemma is that I need help finding a complementary vanity and lighting. I will only have space for a 30 inch vanity and prefer not to have it built in from wall to wall. Custom building the vanity is an option if I can give the cabinet make some style ideas. I don't know if I should go with something with Chinese elements, paint it red to pick up the red in the mirror or what? Also I am struggling with finding just the right lighting. I don't have room for sconces on either side of the mirror so I'll need to use something over the mirror. When I do searches for Asian themed lighting and cabinetry most of what I find is way too modern for this traditional mirror. Please help me find the right combination so that I can use my mirror! Thank you. The Challenge is on....

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