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Help setting up new water softener

10 years ago

Hi I am looking for some advice on programming my new fleck 5600sxt 32000 grain water softener. It is plumbed in right now on bypass and I was looking to program the control this weekend but am getting confused by a few steps

My situation: 18 gpg hardness, 1.5 mgl iron. Which according to other advice I've gotten would be a converted hardness of 26 gpg plus or minus.

I live alone right now so I guess I'm figuring about 75 gallons/day usage. I'm also planning on regenerating every 7 or 8 days for the health of the new softener. I'm figuring 75 gall/day X 26 gpg = 1950 grains/day X 8 days = say 16000 grains per regeneration. Which from what I've been reading isn't very much. I bough the 32000 grain unit in case I move or eventually someone else moves in.

I'm thinking I would like to be efficient with the salt since it will be draining into my septic tank. I was thinking setting the BF @ 5 min which I believe would give me 7.5 lbs of salt per regeneration (based on BLFC of .5 gall/min). Would this be enough to clean the resin?

Also when setting the capacity on the controller... Should I knock it down to 20,000 grains (even though it's a 32,000 grain unit)?

Also If I went with these numbers I was wondering when I first add water and salt to the brine tank... Should I just add 3 gall of water and just enough salt to cover?

Advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

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