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Crab Cakes?

13 years ago

Appears I've recovered from my hangover enough to do something with a mess of crab left over from Xmas Eve. Crab cakes, that is.

I test made a couple of variants yesterday, with and without cheese, more and less egg, onions or garlic or both or neither. The recipe we liked the most was very simple.

- chop up about 2 cups of bread in food processor

- add 1/2 onion, minced fine, the zest from 2 lemons, a good amount of cayenne pepper, plus salt and black pepper

- beat 1 egg and mix all together with a bit of oil

- take 2 oz shredded crab and 1 oz of this bread-egg mixture, mix and form a 3 oz crabby patty

- fry in plenty of hot oil, until golden, the patty will firm up as it is cooked

- serve with some greenery - parsley or scallions

I'd like to hear how you make your crab cakes? Do you pan fry or deep fry? Anyone use cheese successfully? How about variations using other seafood - shrimp? Lobster? Fish?

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