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TOILET H20 Shut Off Valve

14 years ago

HELLO People, The other day, I needed to shut off the water to the toilet tank, for some repairs. The handle and screw stem closed clockwise, BUT the water was running upon removing the flex line from it, and not just a trickle. I would simply remove it, and replace it with a new one. However, the valve inlet itself is hidden in the wall. To remove it would destroy the tile surrounding it. Therefore, I would like to dis-assemble it, and replace the missing, or warn parts. I believe the solid rubber stopper has dis-membered, or broken up.

I went on-line (Google search) to find a parts list for the valve, but came up empty. Apparently, nobody rebuilds them; Probally cheaper to just replace.

Well, "THAT'S IT FOLKS" Any, and ALL INPUT to secure the necessary replacement parts, Will be Greatly Appreciated. THANKS-TO-ALL, Nitrojc.

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